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Trustee Information Details

To advise the ISO regarding Trustee information for inclusion in the Confidential Trustee Listing or any changes to existing information regarding a current Trustee, please complete the following form below.

The only people permitted to complete this form are:
1) - The Trustee directly
2) - Any current Trustee from the area in questions
3) - Any past Trustee from the area in question
4) - The current Chair of the Trustee's Intergroup

All fields must be filled in or the information will be rejected. If a field does not apply, please insert N/A into the field. When you have reviewed your information for completion and accuracy, click the button at the bottom of this form to submit.

Trustee First Name
Trustee Last Name
Zip/Postal Code
Spouse or Partner (Optional)
Cell Phone
Home Phone
Abstinence Date (MM/DD/YY)
Email address for confirmation of submission
Who Is Filling In This Form (Name And Title)
Phone Number If You Are Not The Trustee
Explain The Purpose Of This Notification

If you do not get a confirmation of this item being received within 5 business days, please click the 'Contact Administrator' link in the Main Menu in the top section of the left margin.