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Submit An Agenda Item

If you wish to submit and agenda item for the next conference, please complete the following form below. Items submitted to the Chair directly, will not be permitted.

Only current or past Board of Trustee members can submit items for the Board of Trustees agenda. If you are not a current or past Trustee, please contact one and have that person submit your item on your behalf.

For any changes in GA approved literature, please follow this format when posting the item in the Agenda Item box just below. If this format is not followed, the item will be returned for proper formatting

  1. Do not type in all capital letters
  2. List the publication in which the item is listed
  3. List the page where it appears
  4. List the section, paragraph and sentence where it appears
  5. Describe the change(s) you wish to make, such as exactly what words or phrases you are looking to change, modify or delete. Do not include your reasoning
  6. Show what exists now by using the words 'Current Version:' and then listing the original text
  7. Show the edited version you wish to be approved by using the words 'Proposed Version:' and then listing the revised text
  8. For very large agenda items.
    If your agenda item is very large, you can submit it via either a Word or Excel document, but also in a PDF form. Send those files direct to:
    You will be notified if your item can be submitted directly to the 'Submit An Agenda Item' platform.
  9. Attachments
    All attachments must be in an editable format, such as Word or Excel, unless they are pictures of something, which cannot be edited. All attachments must also be submitted as a PDF document. To be sure the item is received, send those files direct to:
    Agenda items submitted without such files will not be added to the agenda, until all required files are received.
  10. Review your item and click the button at the bottom of this form to submit.

First votes on Combo Book changes will only be accepted on the Agenda during the Fall Trustee meeting of the odd years., as per the Rules and Procedures

Trustee Name
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Email address for confirmation of submission
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Agenda Item as you wish it to appear on the agenda

If this agenda item is a change of any GA approved literature, please follow the procedure outlined at the top of this section.

If you do not get a confirmation of your item either being received or posted to the system within 48 hours, please click the 'Contact Administrator' link in the Main Menu in the top section of the left margin.