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Public Relations Committee

We will strive to continue to develop and encourage the use of as many public relations tools as necessary to fulfill our fellowship's primary purpose, always looking for guidance from the Recovery and Unity Steps, the Guidance Code and our higher power(s).

Board of Trustees Chair Liaison: Pete K.

Chair of the Committee: Harold A. - Area 2
Use this email address to contact the Chair of this committee

The committee is open to additional members who would like to be involved with this process.

Committee members are listed below, as of 9/13/17
Name Area
Bill C. 11
Charmaine S. 13A
Harold A. 2
JR E. 5A
Kent D. 15
Mary R.. 15
Pam B. 2G
Paul N. 2A
Paul S. 17
Sue F. 3D
Terry D. 3C
Tom Z. 15