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Literature Committee

Purpose: To encourage the creation of new Gamblers Anonymous literature, as needed, and to revise, edit and/or update existing Gamblers Anonymous literature.

Board of Trustees Chair Liaison: Mitch L.

Chair of the Committee: Chuck R. - Area 15
Use this email address to contact the Chair of this committee

The committee is open to additional members who would like to be involved with this process.

Committee members are listed below, as of 9/13/17
Name Area
Beth Z. 2
Richard G. 6D
Chuck R. 15
Nan V. 13A
Pete K. 13B

Literature approval process for new literature
As of Vancouver '13

1. Any item of new literature that a member wishes to have approved by the Board of Trustees, as either GA approved or GA appropriate, must be placed on the Trustee agenda through established procedures. Any item for merit approval including. but not limited to, documents, CDs etc. must be submitted to the agenda as an attachment in an editable form (i.e. Word). Please check with the Literature Committee Chair prior to submission to determine if your document meets the required format.

2. The proposed new literature must be available to all current Trustees via the Trustee Website agenda as an attachment no later than the closing date of the next Trustee agenda, as outline by the BOT.

3. If the item is to be considered as GA approved literature, the Trustees will initially vote solely on the merit of proceeding with the proposed literature. Items to be considered as GA appropriate literature are exempt from this step.

4. If the item is approved on merit, each Trustee will have 60 days from merit approval to advise the Literature Committee of any recommendations to improve the literature.

5. The Literature Committee will prepare, in collaboration with the author of the item, suggestions to improve the item based on the submissions from the BOT following the 60-day comment period. Neither the author nor the Literature Committee shall be bound by BOT suggestions - these are only recommendations from individual members. In addition, the Literature Committee shall make any necessary spelling, punctuation and grammar changes. The committee will decide on the final version of the piece to be submitted for the first vote.

6. Once the committee has completed its work, it will be responsible for submitting the corrected item for inclusion on the Trustee agenda where it must go through two additional votes to become GA approved literature. There shall not be any changes made to the item between the first and the second vote.

7. New proposed literature produced by a BOT committee will only undergo editing changes involving spelling, punctuation and grammar, providing the item passes the first of two votes.

8. If new literature produced by a BOT committee is to be considered as GA approved literature, it must pass only one vote, after which the item will be submitted to the Literature Committee for editing changes involving only spelling, punctuation and grammar prior to printing and distribution.