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International Relations Committee

Assist the fellowship of Gamblers Anonymous with International matters and help create a worldwide united Gamblers Anonymous.

Board of Trustees Chair Liaison: Mitch L.

Chairman of the Committee: Paulette T. - Area 6B
Co-Chair: Frank L. - Area 12
Use this email address to contact the Chair of this committee

The committee is open to additional members who would like to be involved with this process.

This is a standing committee.

Committee members are listed below, as of 9/13/17
Name Area Country
Andres G. 21 Spain
Ara H. 1 USA
Bill B. 15 USA
Carlos C. 20 Uruguay
Claude C. 5B Canada
Dudley B. 22 South Africa
Frank L. 12 USA
Jeysa V. 34 Venezuela
Julian F. 3F USA
Luca G. 25 Italy
Marc L. 3D USA
Marco Z. 25 Italy
Martha G. 28 Mexico
Paulette T. 6B USA
Rick B. 6B USA
Russell K. 18 Australia
Tommy S. 24 Sweden
William T. 6B Puerto Rico
Zeny K. 3 USA

More and more, the effective reach of Gamblers Anonymous continues to expand on an international and truly global scale. If you have the chance to make contact with people from different countries that feel that Gamblers Anonymous would help the people in those countries, please make sure to contact the Chairman of this committee. It is important that all such situations are coordinated through the committee chair to maintain the proper levels of information being distributed.