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Group Handbook Revision Committee

To undertake a comprehensive revision of the Group Handbook.

Board of Trustees Chair Liaison: Andy R.

Chair of the Committee: Jack R. - Area 1A
Use this email address to contact the Chair of this committee

The committee is CLOSED to additional members who would like to be involved with this process.

Committee members are listed below, as of 7/10/17
Name Area
Betty S. 7
Bill B. 15
Cheryl R. 2E
David M. 12
Debra B. 2E
Jack R. 1A
Jim G. 7C
Mary H. 2H
Mike M. 3D
Phil S. 13
Steve W. 2A

Topics expected to be covered in the rewritten Group Handbook As of 7/10/17
    Jack - 6/20
  • Role of the Group Handbook
  • Mandatory positions for each room
  • Duties for each mandatory position
  • Optional positions for each room
  • Duties for each optional position
  • Role and duties of meeting chairperson
  • Administrative procedures in order to establish a GA Group
  • Criteria for selecting a GA room
  • How a GA room should be set up and maintained once selected
  • Role of the “group conscience” in the meeting format

    Mike - 6/20

  • Document Ground Rules
  • Member Commitment
  • Facility Choice
  • Organizational Meeting/Decisions/Trusted Servants Election/Room Format
  • Trusted Servant Definitions/Responsibilities

    David - 7/6
    Current Headings

  • The future growth of GA
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Public relations representative
  • Rotating meeting chairperson
  • Group representatives
  • Pressure relief chairperson

    Additional Topics To Be Considered

  • Interactions with Intergroups
  • Responsibilities of Trustees
  • Group conscience decisions
  • Group conscience limitations
  • Comments or not
  • Members who do things their way
  • Selecting an appropriate meeting facility
  • Officers for the room
  • Group elections
  • What is a trusted servant
  • Who may serve as a trusted servant
  • Treasury guidelines
  • When the room becomes too small for the members
  • Contributions by members
  • Contributions by the group
  • Handling supplies
  • Handling new members
  • Handling those who come in support of a new member
  • Recordkeeping
  • Financial accounting to the members
  • Handling members who are court ordered to attend meetings
  • Outside people looking for continuing education credits
  • Deciding what type of meeting fits for your group
  • Setting meeting times and what comes with that commitment
  • Handling holiday meeting closures
  • Room telephone meeting list – benefits and risks
  • Who may speak at a GA meeting
  • Anniversary/Birthday celebrations
  • What is attraction vs. promotion and how to use it for Unity Step 5
  • Handling new members
  • Celebrations - 90 days, anniversaries/birthdays
  • Sponsorship - Who, What, When and Where?
  • Group/Area fundraisers - requirements and dangerous omissions

    Steve - 7/6

  • What is the purpose of the Group Handbook
  • The rules must explain the role of each position

    Cheryl - 7/9

  • The qualifications to be meeting chairperson
  • Does the meeting chairperson have to have 90 days abstinence from gambling?
  • What happens if the meeting chairperson has gambled before the meeting when he/she is to chair. There must be a procedure that kicks in.
  • What the meeting chairperson is responsible for
  • How is the meeting chairperson selected
  • Suggestions for handling a member whose therapy goes on for far too long.
  • Suggestions for including members who have passed the 90-day mark
  • 7th Unity Step
  • Key holder responsibilities.
  • Intergroup rep. / "Secretary" Responsibilities
  • The importance of service work at the group level
  • The structure of small meeting rooms versus large rooms.
  • Acknowledging members who have passed milestones-- 30, 60, 90 days, etc.
  • Anniversary celebration meetings
  • Pressure relief

    Jim - 7/10

  • Anonymity
  • Combining rooms (Treasurer, Secretary, Celebrations) Having a treasurer for 2 rooms
  • Step 13 with new members
  • To many meetings in one area (25 people attending 8 meetings)
  • Advertising new meetings in an established group
  • Members who control rooms and members by giving money out to them
  • Keeping donations private
  • Who represents a victim in Gamblers Anonymous?
  • Who do you tell when you witness inappropriate things
  • There are no superiors in Gamblers Anonymous
  • No other group affiliation extent?
  • Receive no outside support? How defined
  • GA literature (definition)
  • No intergroup
  • BOT members visiting areas
  • Trustee seats
  • People take the positions just to fill them
  • Should everything be voted on by the group
  • What is Recovery?
  • A person or persons going to a group and getting literature and key chains to start a new group before contacting the ISO.
  • Meetings closed during holidays and members aren’t informed
  • Paying a dollar a year for rent
  • Paying no rent at all
  • Allowing Gam-Anon to be treasurer
  • Allowing non-Gamblers Anonymous members to speak during meetings
  • After meeting chat session
  • Problem Gambling Council and members who promote it.
  • Facebook and other social media
  • Pressure Relief Meetings going wrong
  • Blunt violations of the Guidance Code
  • Cross Talking, Comment meetings, Cross Comment
  • Self Governing
  • Kicking a member out a group (Threatening to have member arrested)
  • Bring your puppy to meeting
  • Chairing a meeting after returning to the bet
  • Format meeting, Business meeting, Group Conscience, Group Conscience meeting
  • Gam-Anon and Gamblers Anonymous sharing expenses
  • Allowing other addicts to attending Closed meetings
  • Guidance Code is just a bunch of suggestions
  • AA ways
  • How much of our material is influenced by outside counselors
  • Suggested Meeting format on page #10 with guests is called a Open Meeting
  • Combined meetings
  • Business Announcements at meeting
  • Just attending meetings. Meetings make it!
  • C3PO Tax status
  • Checking accounts
  • Meeting place and using their address
  • Gam-Anon in Gamblers Anonymous Literature
  • Wearing Gambling Attire
  • Members asking for rides to meetings
  • Internet games
  • Mini Conference and Problem Gambling Association