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Conference Oversight & Assistance Committee

Purpose: To oversee all processes dealing with International Conferences and to encourage and provide assistance to Areas seeking to host an International Conference as well as to provide advice and assistance after a Conference has been awarded.

Board of Trustees Chair Liaison: Andy R.

Chair of the Committee: André G.
Co-Chair: Norm B. - Area 10A
Use this email address to contact the Chair of this committee

The committee is NOT open to additional members.

Committee members are listed below, as of 9/13/17
Name Area
André G. 5B
Bill A. 7A
Herb B. 5
Kathy S. 7
Norm B. 10A

Below are attachments that were approved by the Board of Trustees at the Boston '12 Trustee meeting as GA Appropriate material. These files are meant to be an aid for any area considering submitting a bid to host an International Conference.

Committee Recommendations to Areas - as of 10/8/13
Sample Registration - as of 4/25/12
Past Conferences Database - as of 10/10/17
Request For Proposals - as of 10/8/13