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Online Absentee Ballot

All Trustees who wish to use the absentee ballot option should complete the online ballot and submit it before the deadline of Wednesday, October 18th, 12 Midnight, Eastern Daylight Time, GMT -4. This online format will allow you to electronically transmit your votes on the absentee ballot directly to the BOT Chair. Access the absentee ballot at the link listed just below.

You can find the Absentee Ballot below

Click Here for Absentee Ballot

Important note. Not all items can be voted on with an absentee ballot, due to the structure of the individual items. Those will be the items on which you will not be able to make a selection.

Required fields are marked with a red star and are only the first 4 information fields at the very top of the absentee ballot.

After you click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of your browser window, you will be emailed a copy of all your selections. Additionally, your name will be listed in the section below.

If you submit an additional absentee ballot, the previous ballot will be invalidated.

If you have any questions or need help with this process, please contact the Trustee Website Administrator at
Received Absentee Ballots
Trustee and Area Date Received
1. Russel K. - Area 18 9/12
2. Daphne C.- Area 18 9/13
3. Odie B.- Area 36 9/18